2015 - "Jungle Rescue"


Congratulations to Bill and Carol Cotter of Granada Hills, CA  and Stacia Martin of Brea, CA on their fourth time winning the Burbank Rose Float Design Contest with their entry titled "It Takes A Jungle Village" about a group of  jungle volunteer fire fighters putting out a birdhouse fire.

Their previous floats were 2005's Founders' Trophy award-winning float "Dinner's on...FIRE!", 2008's Founders' Trophy award-winning float  "Oktoberfest" and 2013's Fantasy Trophy award-winning float "Lights...Camera...Action!"

Their design will be representing the City of Burbank in the 126th annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade themed "Inspiring Stories" on January 1, 2015.

This will be the City of Burbank's 83rd entry in this historic parade.

The Design Committee started on March 1, 2014 with a brainstorming session followed by several meetings to help figure out how to turn the concept drawing into a float.  To the right is an early proposal drawing to start the conversation.
On March 29, 2014 another drawing was released to continue the fine-tuning.
Along the way, one member proposed this pumper for the front of the float.

The Design Committee has been working very hard at creating models and sketches trying to determine how to take the concept drawing, which doesn't any base ideas, and turning it into a float.

On the right is one of many draft sketches.  This draft was create on April 4, 2014.

On the left is our final black and white line drawing.  This will be the drawing used by our Decorations Committee to start determining the color and materials that will be used on the float.

This drawing was created on April 8, 2014.

Now that the overall line drawing is complete, we will start working on scale and detail drawings.  Below are some proposed detail drawings

On Thursday, April 17 during the monthly General Meeting the membership suggested several float title names and through a series of votes, the general membership voted to changed the float title from "It Takes A Jungle Village" to "To The Rescue!".
Shortly after the General Meeting, we discovered that the float title "To The Rescue!" was already registered by La Canada Flintridge Rose Float Association and they plan on using that name for their float entry. 

Our second place title was “Jungle 911”, however, there was a lot discussion and concern that this was a very American term (911) and that most Americans associate the term 911 with the police and not firefighters. 

A Board of Director’s suggestion was to combine our first and second place titles to create:  “Jungle Rescue”.

An online vote was taken to pick a new float title.  85% voted for "Jungle Rescue" on April 28, 2014

After much tweaking and testing, we came up with the above as our final color rendering

Photo Day at Tournament House.

November 8, 2014


Top Row:  Queen and her Royal Court

Second Row:  Janet Diel, Bill Cotter, Victor Luster, Erik Andersen, Bob Symons, Ron Hughes

Third Row: Audrey Prest, Robin Hanna, John Hames and Steven Edward

Front Row:  Carol Cotter, Ginny Barnett, Richard Chinen, Linda Cozakos

As seen on January 1st, 2015.  The Past Presidents' Trophy Award-Winning float

Flower Fields Tour

Construction Photos

2015 Parade Line-up (pdf)

Judging Schedule (pdf)

Deco Week Photos

Float Heat Sensor and Carbon Monoxide readings from Tournament (pdf)

2015 Float Trophy Winners (pdf)

126th Rose Parade Photos
Parade Day Photos


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