Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Green Initiatives

The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association has for many years been a leader in conservation, reuse and recycling.  This includes the float, the float building and dismantling process and the float Construction and Decorations site.


The Float

ü  Use of clean burning propane to drive engines.

ü  Use of one engine to drive all animation—eliminating the need for separate engines for hydraulics and A/C power, this reduces heat, fuel, noise and exhaust, in addition to saving space within the float.



Float Building and Dismantling Process


ü  Use steel from previous floats wherever possible

ü  All scrap steel is recycled

ü  All clean paper and cardboard is recycled

ü  Most of the float’s annual electrical wiring is used wire



ü Recycled water is used to keep the fresh flowers alive

ü Recycled water is used in the flower vials



ü  All organic material is either dried for reuse or composted by the City of Burbank

ü  All flower vials and buckets are cleaned and reused

ü  Steel is saved for reuse or recycled

ü  Some float characters are reused/repurposed for local community parade


Float Construction and Decoration Site

ü  The building (a warehouse) is a showcase of energy conservation which includes the following

o   Fully insulated, cutting down on temperature extremes and noise

o   Skylight eliminate the use lights during the day

o   Tankless water heaters used at all sinks

o   Waterless urinals used in bathrooms

o   Pushbutton toilets used in bathrooms so that only the proper amount of water is used

o   Motion sensor placed on soda machine to power off machine when people are not around

o   Energy efficient lighting used throughout the building

ü  Active recycling program including paper/cardboard, plastic bottles and aluminum cans

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