2011 - Centennial Celebration

Congratulations to Julio Leon of Burbank for being the winner in our Pick-The-Float meeting held on February 4, 2010.  On February 10, 2010 his design was submitted to Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association's Theme Draft Meeting and was officially accepted by Pasadena on February 18, 2010.
On Saturday, February 20 the Design Committee held a brainstorming meeting.  2011 the City of Burbank will turn 100, the main theme of our brainstorming session was celebrating Burbank and what makes up the City of Burbank.  Several ideas and icons were presented.  On Saturday, February 27 the Design Committee met again and was presented with five variations to review.
On Saturday, March 6 the Design committee met and was presented with two more consolidated drawings.  From these two (not displayed) another draft drawing was created and presented to the Board of Directors on March 11, 2010 for their review. The drawing below was reviewed by the Design Committee on March 13.

On March 27, the Design Committee reviewed this updated drawing and recommend that the car be moved out to "hover" past the front of the float, this will also mean that the float title will also need to be moved to the front bumper of the car.  This revision now shows the Bob Hope Airport on the off-camera side of the float.
The Design Committee solicited ideas for images to use in the "filmstrip" around the base of the float.  Bob Hope was one of the many candidates that everyone liked.
Submitted Image Approved Image
On April 26, 2010, we received approval to use Johnny Carson's image from Carson Entertainment Group, however we were notified that the image we submitted was backwards.  Johnny's part on his hair was reversed, so we moved his part.
Another "filmstrip" idea is Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse.
April 26, 2010

This draft of the overall float now shows the car hanging off the front of the float.

The above drawings were release on May 22, 2010 and represent to first scale drawings of the float showing basic dimensions and layout.  The drawings don't reflect the official float title "Centennial Celebration".
We have received permission to use the new Cartoon Network logo on the side of the float in the film strip area.

On July 1 we received the final color rendering (above).

After we received final approval on color rendering, we were approached by Woodbury University to be included on the float.  Since the float was heavily representing entertainment, the Board of Directors felt it would be good to show that Burbank is a well-rounded city and treasure our education institutions by including Woodbury University.  
On October 1, 2010 we had a visit from a Nick cartoonist, Clint Bond, who gave us some hints and tricks to look out for when we create SpongeBob.  The drawing on the left is some of his discussion points.
Other items planned for the film strip include the various versions of the City Logo used throughout the years.  This one on the right is the original "cantaloupe" design making reference to the cantaloupe that was grown in Burbank.
As Burbank grew from a farming town to an industrial town, so did the City's logo, now showing the influence of aviation and industry in the City.
Today's logo still includes references to our aviation history, but also to the entertainment industry, which is now such a major part of the city set on the foothills of the Verdugo mountains.
To the right is the final design that will be used on both sides of the float showing who we are.

Below are additional filmstrip panels not displayed on the rendering and will be on the back and off-camera side of the float

Construction Photos

Road Kings Car Club float visit - September 18, 2010
Deco Week Photos (December 26, 2010 -- January 1, 2011)
Parade Line-Up (.pdf)
Float Judging Schedule (.pdf)
Parade Timing Schedule (.pdf)
2011 Trophy Winners (.pdf)
Parade Video (YouTube)
Parade Photos
Judge's Comments (.pdf)

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