2019-"Stompin' Good Time"



On Saturday, February 3, 2018 the Board of Directors reviewed 53 Design Contest submissions in an all-day meeting.

After reviewing all the submissions, six finalists were selected.
66 people showed up for the "Pick-The-Float" meeting held at the Burbank Fire Department Training Center on Thursday, February 8, 2018 to review the finalists.

After a series of voting, the membership picked their favorite

The above design was chosen by a majority of the members as their number one design pick for 2019.  Congratulations to co-designers Brian Cozakos and Adam Ostegard of Burbank, CA for their submission with the assigned working title of "Stompin' Good Times". This is Brian's first time winning and Adam's 4th time winning (2016-"Are We There Yet?", 2009-"3D Double Feature" and 2007-"Free Dog Wash").

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 we received confirmation from Pasadena Tournament of Roses that our entry has been accepted.  Now our Design Committee will start work converting this concept drawing into a float.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 the Design Committee held its first meeting at the float site.

The first Design Committee meeting was open to all members and was used to brainstorm various ideas and changes to the float design.

Now the Design Committee will take the input and start working on new concept drawings.

On Saturday, March 17th and 24th, 2018 the Design Committee met and on Saturday, March 24th released this draft line drawing.  Additional refinements were discussed and will presented in the next release.

After the April 14, 2018 the Design Committee the drawing on the left was released.  This drawing incorporates some of the minor changes discussed in the meeting.
At the April 19, 2018 General Meeting the membership reviewed over 50 float title suggestions, finally picking "Harmony Hollow" as the new float title.  However, after the meeting some discussions about the name surfaced and will be revisited at the May 2018 General Meeting. At the May 17, 2018 General Meeting a motion was made and approved to revisit the float title.  After much discussion and voting, the selected new float title is now "Stompin' Good Time".
For the April 28, 2018 Self Built Get Together in South Pasadena, this work-in-progress color rendering was presented.


The City of Burbank’s float entry shows that when friends come together to play music, they create “The Melody of Life” and can have a “Stompin’ Good Time” doing it.  This is Burbank’s 87th entry into the 130th annual Rose Parade® held on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 in Pasadena, California.

Above is the final color rendering that will be used for the parade program, postcards, tee shirts, pins and patches.


The above photo was taken on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Tournament House during "Photo Day".  This photo is with most of the Board of Directors, The Tournament Court and Tournament President.

Back Row Left to Right:  Nick Hall, Judith Miller, Steven Edward, Jon Reeves, Ginny Barnett, Rick Bauer, Bob Hutt and Erik Anderson

Second Row:  Michael Kegel, Robin Hanna and Kim Bossley

Front Row:  Tournament Royal Court with Tournament President Gerald Freeny (center-Red Jacket).

January 1, 2019--Animation Award Winner "Stompin' Good Time" as seen in the Rose Parade


Self Built Get Together (hosted by: South Pasadena Tournament of Roses)

Construction Photos

Test Drive #1 (T1) and Open House and Craft Faire event photos

Photo Day

Float Judging Schedule-December 30, 2018 (.pdf)
Float Judging Schedule-December 31, 2018 (.pdf)

Test Drive #2 Float Inspection photos

Parade Line Up (.pdf)

2nd Judging photos

Parade Day Photos

Float Awards

Bunny Museum Donation


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