2014 -  "Lights...Camera...Action!"

Congratulations to Bill and Carol Cotter from Granada Hills, CA and Stacia Martin from Brea, CA for winning the 2014 Design Contest with their entry titled "Movie Magic". 

This is their third time winning the Design Contest (previous floats were 2005's "Dinner's on...FIRE!" and 2008's "Oktoberfest").

Their design will represent Burbank in the 125th Rose Parade themed "Dreams Come True".

The Design Committee had a brainstorming session on March 2, 2013 and then started regular meetings shortly after that.  Based on the early meetings feedback and discussion, this first line drawing was created.
Not shown on the line drawing is what does the back of the float look like.  So this special drawing was created to start the discussion on how the back of the float should look.
After much discussions, it was decided to combine the horse and makeup desk.
As the Design Committee continues to fine-tune the drawing you can start to see several changes to the design, but still keeping with the original theme.
A revised line drawing was release on April 16, 2013 along with additional detail possibilities drawings.
Now the Decorations Committee has started meeting on going over the various colors, materials and textures for the new float design.  Along the way draft versions the color rendering are being created to match what the Decorations Committee is working on.  This version was released on May 8, 2013.
Tweaks and changes continue in this May 10, 2013 version.
Getting closer in this May 12, 2013 version.
Here is a rough look at the "off-camera" side of the float, with this May 13, 2013 drawing.
It takes many revisions to get all the colors and details just right.  This the May 15, 2013 version.
At the May 16, 2013 General Meeting, the members reviewed over 25 float title suggestions and an overwhelming  majority picked the new title "Lights...Camera...Action!" as the new float title.
On May 17, 2013 a rough top view sketch was released showing possible placement and orientation of major float characters and objects.
On May 18, 2013 an "off-camera" view was updated and released.
Also on May 18, 2013 an updated "rear" view of the float drawing was released showing possible items and placement.
And finally on May 18, 2013 and updated color rendering was released.  This is not the final rendering, but does show the new float title.
On June 8, 2013 a new color rendering was released .

On June  23, 2013 the final color rendering was released.  Now on to various scale and detail drawings...

On September 17, 2013 Legendary Actor, Director, Writer, Producer Garry Marshall accepted our invitation to play the role of "Director" and ride on the float.

On December 18, 2013 Garry Marshall's Son, Scott Marshall, who is a Director and  Actor accepted our invitation to join his father on the float as our "Cameraman"


Flower Field Tour Photos

Float Construction Photos

2014 Rose Parade Line-Up (.PDF)

Garry Marshall's First Visit to the Float Site Photos

MI/T1 Inspection and Open House/Craft Faire Photos
T2 Inspection Photos
Deco Week Photos
Float Judging Schedule

2014 Float Award Eligibility Grid

2014 Float Trophy Winners

Custom Float Soundtrack "Lights...Camera...Action!" by Timo Chen available for sale on iTunes

Inside the float during the parade (YouTube video)

Another look inside the float during the parade (YouTube Video)

Parade Day Photos

De-Construction Work Party Photos

Judge's Comments

Inside the float heat sensor documentation (.pdf)
Inside the float heat senor data and graph (.pdf)


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