2013-"Deep Sea Adventures"

Congratulations to Richard Burrow from Mission Viejo, California for winning our 2013 Design Contest.  The parade theme is from the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"  we plan on going on an under the sea journey.  Above is the winning concept drawing that has been accepted by Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association and will now go to our Design Committee to craft it into a float.
The Design Committee got to work, even before final approval came in from Pasadena.  It started with an all-hands brainstorming session, then followed-up by Design Committee who reviewed all the suggestions.  To the left is an early revision drawing.

Committee loved the design of the float from the back. Deco Committee was worried about decorating the sea castle, design committee came up with some new ideas that Richard Burrow (designer) will draw out.

Minus the base of the float, the design committee approved the look of this design. Some small changes are: Make the "big bird" looking sea horses look more like the original design. Make the small crab on the octopus bigger and have him point  towards the front of the float.
The design committee liked the idea of a satellite float but decided the lobster would be reduced in size and be placed on the lower right side of the float.

The design committee came up with the idea of seeing some sea critters building a Sand Castle. This is the concept drawing that will be added to the back of the float.

This is very close to the final line drawing.  In order to not make the drawing so crowded, the submarine and Octopus are slightly separated from the base (pod) of the float, however, the actual submarine will be on the pod and not floating above it.
Similar to the drawing above, with some minor revisions.
Additional tweaks continue to make the drawing simpler...
Additional tweaks continue on the line drawing...
The General Membership voted at the April General Meeting to title the float, "Deep Sea Adventures" and our Design Committee came up with the short float description.



Deep Sea Adventures

An adventurous girl takes a magical journey in her colorful submarine. Oh, the places she will go, with the help of her underwater friends. Her tour will not be complete until she sees all seven wonders of the marine world. This is Burbanks’s 81st entry for the 124th Tournament of Roses parade. The float is designed by Richard Burrow from Mission Viejo who won our annual float design contest



On June 18, 2012 the final color rendering was completed and released.

Photo Day at Tournament House with Queen and Court, Board of Directors, Designer and President of  Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

Our Parade Day Fantasy Trophy award-winning Float "Deep Sea Adventures"

Float Fact Sheet

Float Construction Photos
MI/T1 Inspection Photos
Parade Lineup (.PDF)
Judging Schedule (.PDF)
PCC's Lancer Internet Radio show "Over Coffee" with Dot Cannon (.MP3)
Custom Float Soundtrack "Deep Sea Adventures" by Timo Chen available for sale on iTunes
Custom Float Soundtrack "Deep Sea Adventures" by Timo Chen available for sale on Amazon
Deco Week Photos
2013 Float Trophy Winners (.PDF)
Parade Day Photos
Parade Day Video (YouTube)
Inside the float during the parade--upstairs inside the submarine (YouTube)
Inside the float during the parade--downstairs inside the submarine (YouTube)
Deconstruction News Video (KABC-TV)
Each year Tournament monitors our Driver's Compartment temperature--here is the graph and raw data from inside the float
Driver's Compartment Temperature Graph (.pdf) Driver's Compartment Temperature Raw Data (.pdf)

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