2008 - Oktoberfest

Congratulations to Bill and Carol Cotter and Stacia Martin on winning the 2008 Design Contest.
During the Theme Draft meeting (the special meeting where we turn in our concepts) the new President of Pasadena Tournament of Roses mentioned how he envisions the parade to be like a street festival, a party, a very entertaining event.

Shortly after the above concept was submitted to Pasadena, the Design Committee met and started to go over the task of converting the drawing into a float.  While the picture is lovely and everyone liked the Oktoberfest theme, the Design Committee had concerns with the scale of the characters and the mountain. 

No matter how large you made the mountain, next to the characters in the front, the mountain would look like a mound of dirt. 

Taking the President's comments into considerations, the Design Committee decided to make to modifications to the concept.  Keep the front characters and replace the oversized pretzel and mountain with a stage and alpine style building.  The stage would hold an Oompah style band and out walkers who could dance in the street.

Below are two examples of this new direction.  Click on any drawing to see a larger view.

While the drawings above represent what the Design Committee envisioned, Designer, Stacia Martin, found a way to tie all three elements together in an unified story.  Our characters remain in the front unchanged.  Behind them an alpine styled building with a stage for an Oompah band.
Below are the second round of line drawings showing a side view and top view of the proposed layout.  At this point we are trying to determine if the float will fit on our 30 foot chassis or if we need to install our center section will increase the chassis by 15 feet to 45 feet long.  Both drawings were released on March 31, 2007.
So, after much tweaking and discussions, the final line drawing has been created.  This drawing will be used to help the Decorations Committee determine the color scheme of the float.  Next step, create the scale drawings so the Construction Committee can get started building.

Here is our official float description:

It began almost 200 years ago as a royal wedding reception, but millions still enjoy it every year.  So, grab your passport, we’re off to Germany! Please join us in the world-famous celebration of Oktoberfest.


To the right is a line drawing showing some construction considerations.  The biggest challenge is the raising and lowering of the alpine building.
The picture on the left is the final color rendering.  This is the picture that will be used in the official parade program.
The following pictures are detail drawings of characters.  Click on each picture to see a larger view.

Work-in-Progress Photos

2008 Band and Dancer Information and Applications - closed

2008 Outwalkers (Band and Dancers)

Video-Float as of September 20, 2007

Video-Large co2 valve test

Video-Small co2 Valve test
Video-Real Alpenhorn playing from Oktoberfest at Phoenix Club
Video-Medium co2 valve test
Dancer practice videos
2008 Trophy Winners (.PDF)
Float in parade photos
Deco Week and beyond photos
Judge's Scores
De-Construction Work Party Photos
Various photos by Jon Reeves

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