2006 - Pachyderm Parade

Congratulations to Burbank Tournament of Roses Association members, John Cappi of Reseda, CA and Ric Scozzari of Burbank for submitting and winning the 2006 Design Contest with their entry titled "Pachyderm Parade".  This will be the City of Burbank's 74th entry (71st float) in the 117th annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, 2006.
The parade's theme is "It's Magical".  Is there a more magical time than the circus coming to town?  How about a flying elephant?  This little guy takes flight by holding on tight to his mother's tail.  She's trying to hold back father from devouring all the peanuts from a crashed vendor cart that he has discover along the road as the circus marches into town!
The top picture is the original submitted drawing to our Design Contest.

The picture above and to the left are work-in-progress line drawings.  Notice some of the minor changes being considered, such as the bird changing directions.  Can you find any other changes??

The picture on the right is the final color rendering.  Click on it to see a larger version.

Can you spot the various changes the float went through to go from the original concept drawing that was submitted to this final color rendering?

The following pictures are detailed drawings of various characters.  The drawing on the right is a top view of the float showing the proposed placement of characters.  Click on each drawing to see a larger view.
The bird above is a proposed concept version showing additional details in color  The bird on the left shows the black and white front and side views.  Click on the picture to see a larger version.
Some additional details of the float design.
Models of the Papa, Mama and baby elephants.

2006 Float Fact Sheet

2006 Parade Lineup


2005/2006 Judging Schedule (.PDF format)

2006 Trophy Winners (.PDF format)

Inside float temperature (.PDF format)

Apology letter from Tournament about being towed (.PDF format)

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