2004 - Moosic Moosic Mooosic

The Design Contest winners are: Carol Cotter and Stacia Martin, their drawing (pictured right) depicts various animals dancing around a jukebox at a sock hop.

However, when this drawing was submitted to Pasadena Tournament of Roses officials at the annual Theme Draft meeting, where all float builders submit and register their float ideas, we were beat out by another float builder who had a similar idea.

Unable to modify the drawing to Tournament's satisfaction, our second choice was submitted and accepted as our primary float design.

This concept, titled "Moosic Moosic Mooosic" (pictured left) was designed and drawn by Jennifer Edward and TaMara Carlson-Woodard, both Burbank residents.

This will become Burbank's 69th float entry (72nd parade entry) in the 115th annual Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade held on January 1, 2004

High on his horse, 6-string in his hands, this bronco ridin’ balladeer is wanderin’ the deserts, keepin’ an eye on the herd and fillin’ the valley with song.  And while the cows munch and moo, it looks like the resident prairie dogs have gotten the attention of this cowpoke’s trusty hound! 

Click on the drawing on the right to see a larger version of the final color rendering.

Here are some of the scale drawings that will be used to construct the float.

The front Cow (Cow #1)

The Middle Cow (Cow #2) side view.
The cowboy on horse-side view
The back cow (Cow #3) side view
When the dog goes into the back hole, this prairie dog will pop out.  This is a front view of the prairie dog.
Side view of the float to scale.

See the Design Contest Process

Float Fact Sheet

2004 Parade Line Up
 *All Trophy Winners 
 *Our Judge's scores
 *Judging Scale 
* Temperatures inside the float during the parade

* Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


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