1998 - Mama's Day Off

The '98 entry represents a very special day. Papa Bear has agreed to watch the little ones while Mama Bear takes some time for herself. Thinking he is in for a breeze of a day, Papa Bear soon finds out how quickly the little ones can wear him out. He thinks reading them their favorite tale will put them all fast asleep. Instead, Papa Bear falls asleep. The little ones have a grand time wreaking havoc. As Baby Bear gleefully rides Papa's belly, big brother test the limits by tickling Papa's nose with a feather! The young ballerina swings on the lamp while little brother is trapped in a rocking chair jail. Even the family pets join in the mayhem as the puppy tunnels under the rug and the kitty goes fishing in the fish bowl!

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Designed by returning designer, Terri Hardin ("Dreamflight") and friend, Lynette Eklund, this entry was a genuine crowd and camera pleaser!

Official Float Entry Fact Sheet for "Mama's Day Off!"

Parade Day Photos

Float Fact Sheet (.PDF)


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