Animation Engine Build - 2006

In February 2006 a meeting was held to go over the various issues with the existing 1965 Ford inline six-cylinder animation engine.  It was decided the engine did not have enough horsepower to meet the demands of our animation system and that a new engine should be acquired.

After much research, it was decided to go with a new 2006 GM Vortec 5.7 Liter Industrial Engine.  We found a reseller, Carburetion & Turbo Systems,  who sold us an engine with the radiator, propane conversion and governor already installed.  We found another company,  CIA MACHINERY, Inc., to supply us with the hydraulic pump to engine converter.  It was also decided to replace everything except the batteries and hydraulic pump.  The new engine needs to support both the hydraulic pump and a new 9,500 watt A/C generator.  Mounting the pump was easy, how to mount the generator was a huge issue.  After much discussion, it was decided to run the generator off the front belt.  It was also decided to give the generator it's own belt/pulley.  This meant changing the standard serpentine pulley to a double pulley--this also meant making a special pulley to attach to the generator.  With this configuration, the engine box is now wider than the old engine box, meaning it would not fit in the old location.  It was decided to swap the existing hydraulic tank and engine location on the float.  This presented a new problem, the old tank would not fit in the new location--solution--new tank.  Thanks to Hydro-Craft, they donated a custom made hydraulic tank to fit in the new location.

While the engine came assembled, it still required a lot of electrical work and assembly.  These parts came from a variety of vendors, such as Summit Racing, WayTek Wire, NAPA Auto Parts, Hoffman Enclosures, Courage Enterprises Inc., Jim Tucker Metal Works, Billetflow.

Some vendors helped with discounts and donations and we REALLY APPRECIATE their help and support.  Beldin Wire donated the cable between the control box and engine.  Metro RV in Burbank discounted the Sure Power Industries battery isolator, Blue Seas Systems donated a battery switch and Marinco donated 12VDC power plugs to help supply power to the animation computer.  Enochs Muffler Service in Burbank donated the muffler and exhaust system.

On October 3, 2006 the engine and hydraulics were installed in the float and started for the first time.  

While it takes a lot of people to make this project happen, a special thank-you to the following team members:

Project leader/procurement/hydraulics - Steven Edward

Chief mechanic/Engine Assembly - Mike Monzon

Asst. mechanic - Dave Jewett

Team members:  Ryan Babroff, Doug Gamble, Oscar Wheeler and Jon Reeves.

Below is the story of the engine build in pictures.

New engine and removal of old engine pictures


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